If you are a close protection / executive protection / personal protection officer with specific skills / experience then please send me your CV. Please state briefly in the covering email your specific skills / experience e.g. scuba diver, fluent French speaker, Middle East experience, extensive corporate protection experience. I receive a lot of CVs so please DO NOT send your CV without your 'unique selling points' detailed in your covering email. I do check and verify everything very carefully so please DO NOT detail anything that you are not skilled in, or don't have experience in. Once I have looked through your CV I will confirm this with you, normally within 7 days, and then contact you again should any of my clients require personnel specific to your skill set / experience. IMPORTANT: I only source specialists for long-term, specific contracts so please DO NOT send your CV if you don't have any other experience other than an initial training SIA licence (unless you have a specific background and / or training), or not looking for a long-term position. However I will accept CVs if you have a confirmed booking for further specific protection related courses or training.




Your CV is the first thing any employer will see. Your CV is your gateway to employment. The purpose of your CV is to open doors; your objective being to get to an interview, and then it is your skills at the interview which will decide your career path. A really good CV should eventually land you a really good job and so it is vitally important that you spend time, and money, getting your CV absolutely right - it is the window to employment and it is the only chance you will ever have to get your foot in the front door.


I check:

  • Format and layout.
  • Effective detailing of your background and experience.
  • Effective detailing of your Unique Selling Points.
  • Effective word usage and structure.
  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Checking contact details, links etc.


It can take quite a while to go through everything in detail so there is a small fee of £30, but if you don't know the difference between “its” and “it's” or “ 80s” and “ '80s” or you are struggling with correct sentence structure or wording, or if English isn't your first language, or not sure how to effectively showcase your skills and experience, or even if you are still not 100% sure or happy about your CV, then consider my CV Review Service.


Send your CV in a Word / Open Office doc  to: and then pay with the PayPal button below. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send it in a PDF, as I will need to edit your original and most PDFs are locked. You can, however, send a PDF as well. I will confirm its receipt normally within 24 hours, and then complete and return the assessment and any edits/changes/suggestions to you normally within FIVE wording days. I will, of course, explain any changes/edits etc made.



If you cannot see the PayPal button above (on some mobile phones and in some countries), or wish for a PayPal invoice, or to pay via another method eg Western Union/Bank Transfer, please CONTACT ME. I will issue you a seperate PAID invoice.


NOTE: I am a Verified PayPal Merchant, your order is 100% guaranteed and fully refundable.


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