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Are you looking for a close protection officer (executive protection / personal protection) with a particular set of skills e.g. second language fluency, defensive driver, scuba diver, horse rider, vehicle maintenance experience, motorcycle rider etc., or someone with extensive knowledge or operational experience of a particular location, region or country e.g. Middle East, Russia, New York, West Africa, etc.? Or someone with specific sector experience eg celebrity / child / female protection, or of a particular age / nationality / gender?


If so, please contact me.


I provide long-term, tailor-made specialised recruitment and HR solutions for the private, civilian close protection sector worldwide, sourcing hard-to-find personnel with specific skills / background / experience. I only work on a one-to-one basis both for companies and organisations that don't have their own dedicated security recruitment department or who are struggling to find a specific candidate, or for clients wanting to employ their own protection personnel directly. However, I don't source individuals for one-off events or short-term contracts.


My services include:

  • Search / headhunt internationally for personal with skills / experience / background specific to requirements.
  • Check and verify skills.
  • Check and verify background / experiences.
  • Check and verify references.
  • Check and verify training, qualifications, licenses, authorizations etc
  • Check employment availability, right to work eligibility, working documentation, working permits etc.
  • Interview and assess.

I then complete a final, comprehensive appraisal for each person, and present a complete portfolio of all possible candidates appropriate to your specific requirements for you to them complete the final hiring process.


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